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Sandia Spice

Artisan Woodworking
New Mexico United Clocks

-   ABOUT US  -

Andy and Sue Hageman.jpg

Andy arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2008 as an award-winning hotelier/restaurateur and author. He honed his cheffing skills in Corfe Castle, Dorset (England) and after landing stateside, he embraced the local cuisine and set about learning to prepare food the “New Mexican way" - where everything has to have Hatch on it somewhere. He produced some amazing chile jams and set up Sandia Spice!


However, despite gaining FDA approval and becoming disabled after some hospital blunders, he learned that his wonderful red & green chile jam recipes would require a co-packer to make in commercial quantities. When it came to finding a local co-packer he hit a brick wall. So, Andy had to pivot quickly and decided to concentrate on his first love in life and his WOODWORK. He uses this as his therapy and to take his mind off the things he can no longer do. Andy also uses his woodworking to take his mind off the pain, so Sue owns and runs the company plus she does all the leg work!

The first big development was with New Mexico United, they agreed a deal to allow their logo to be carved into clocks which can be seen at their store on Central Blvd. These, along with handcrafted clocks of various shapes and colors without any logos but often with exotic, distressed or discarded wood formed the start line.

Fast forward to today and Andy is a regular at Dovetail Community Workshop (on Jefferson) and goes there whenever the pain is not to intense and turns wood on a lathe and makes the clocks and other fine woodworks from reclaimed, exotic or discarded lumber.


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