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Sandia Spice

Custom Handmade and New Mexico United Clocks and Gourmet Goods

-   ABOUT US  -

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Before arriving in Albuquerque more than a decade ago, Chef and Creator, Andy Hageman, knew little or nothing about New Mexico and even less about its famous Hatch Chile Peppers. Having honed his cheffing skills in an upscale hotel and award-winning restaurant, he embraced the local cuisine and set about learning to prepare food the “New Mexican way" - where everything has to have Hatch on it somewhere.

He wanted to add some umph and heat to a new dish, but he struggled to find a delectable and high-quality Green Chile Jam to use. This inspired the chef in him to create such a product. After exhaustive research and development, Andy's Green Chile Jam became a thing. The difference between our "fire-roasted" Jam and others is that our jars are packed full of Hatch Green Chile (literally from Hatch, New Mexico), with almost a pound of New Mexico’s finest in every jar. Similarly, our new Red Pepper Jelly is filled with Hatch Red Chile Peppers.


After resurfacing his tongue having completed taste-testing jams and hot oils, Andy moved onto the "never been done" stuff he loves so much. Developing a stand-alone jam for America’s favorite foods wasn’t easy, but he did it! We can now introduce our Burger Jam ™, Hot Dog Jam ™, and rounding out the stable with a Taco Jam ™ to befit any table.

So, next,  Andy went hunting for a local commercial co-packer to make his recipes containing Hatch Green and Red Chile. When this hunt, close to home, drew a blank, Andy went out of state. Several co-packers talked the talk, but none could reproduce the complex flavors our chef can, so Andy turned to making custom furniture and clocks to pass the time since the medical apocalypse that altered his future. Due to his disability Andy now uses his woodwork to take his mind off the pain, so Sue owns and runs the company plus she does all the leg work!

United, United, New Mexico United We Stand!

The hunt for a co-packer was exhausting, and he nearly gave up, but then came a call from someone local wanting to help having tasted the produce… but Andy couldn’t count on his chile jams until he was sure they would come to fruition and so instead tinkered with the idea of making custom clocks the pass all the time he had spare!

Our Hatch Chile products will be available to ship all over mainland America and if you enjoy them nearly as much as we do, then please, feel free to ship a dozen or more jars to your friends and family. Then you can Like us and Follow Sandia Spice everywhere online! Word of mouth is always better than anything, when spreading these amazing jams, jellies, and our words.


As waiters and waitresses with nothing better to say, say “Enjoy!”

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