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Burger Jam ® -- We have carefully added to the base Hatch Green Chile with Onion, our own Vegan Bacon flavoring, and an array of natural flavors to make a one-stop-drop for the burger of your choice. Our Burger Jam ™ can adorn any burger: Beef, Turkey, Veggie or Impossible! But please note that this product is suited for Vegetarian or Vegan eaters. Best served at Room Temperature and refrigerated after opening.


Want an "alternative" use?  Mix our Burger Jam ™ add an equally sized dollop of Mayo and stir -– this makes for the perfect bacon-ey dip for your French fries. We have one of our sample tasters to thank for this innovation! Way to go Maria!

Burger Jam ®

  • Refrigerate after opening. Before using, remove from the fridge for an hour to warm up and fuse the flavors.

  • Medium Hatch Green Chile, Onion, Vegan Bacon flavoring*, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Cane Sugar, Tomato Paste, Garlic, Worcestershire Sauce, Salt.

    * Our Vegan Bacon flavoring contains; Maple Syrup, Liquid Aminos, Avocado Oil, Liquid Smoke, Mesquite seasoning, and Brown Sugar

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