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It's raw! It's unfiltered, untreated and is made by the tens of thousands of bees a yard from our kitchen window. We don't treat any of our bee-friendly plants with pesticides, but for the purests among you, we cannot call it organic because our "Ladies that Launch" travel up to 5 miles for all they need to make this rich amber nectar that is awesome for all kinds of uses, including battling seasonall allergies -- you know that, by eating local honey made by our bees using local pollen...well, you get the idea, Google it if you want to know about the many health benefits of eating this most amazing of super-foods.


The most efficient way to ship to a New Mexico address is in a box of 4 (since 3, 2 and 1 jar costs exactly the same) AND, if you buy four jars, we will give you a voucher for a FREE jar with your next purchase.

Honey? Honey!

1 Pound
  • Just as the Bees made it, but in a jar.

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