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Using your Hatch Chile Fix

Serving Suggestions

Burger Jam ® - Adorning any burger with our vegan Burger Jam ® will be a game-changer, be it a Beef, Turkey, or other, the flavors will be enhanced and make the dish a whole new guise. Hatch Green Chile with a secret Vegan Bacon flavoring, Onion, Garlic and friends the smell will entice even the nosiest of neighbors round to make amends.

Hot Dog Jam ® - Every Dog has his/her day when Sandia Spice's Hot Dog Jam ® is around. Lash it on your bun, dog or both. Who doesn't want Dill Pickle and Hatch Green Chile on their dog? Maybe those who love Onion too, so we added that in as well. If you love dogs with a yellow mustard kick, slather it on with our Hot Dog Jam ® that will do the trick.


​Taco Jam ® - Fish or Shrimp Tacos love it, smothered over Chicken Tacos is clucking good too. Even Pork, Brisket or BBQed Beef Tacos. Then again, anything off the grill works with this gem, since it features Hatch Green Chile with Pineapple use your imagination if we missed anything!

Christmas Jam - You know, for the procrastinators who cannot decide between Red and Green, you get both!


For Green Chile Jam or Red Chile Jelly:

  • Spread thickly over cream cheese on the bagel of choice.

  • Over your morning eggs.

  • Add a splash inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Why not Sandia Spice up any sub or sandwich?

  • Added to avocado toast

  • To accompany a Charcutier board packed with meats and cheeses from around the globe.

  • Add some personality to any Mexican or New Mexican dish.

  • Give fish a chance, Sandia Spice up your catch with some Hatch!

  • Make your burgers majestic and add lashings of your favorite Sandia Spice condiment.

  • Dogs love it – HOT DOGS, of course, or Bratwurst.

  • And Yes, it goes very well on vanilla ice cream. Don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it.


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